Lukas Kuzmiak shares his InfoSec experience at the July Testbed Vegas event

Lukas Kuzmiak, Chief Operating Officer of insighti joins the panel at Testbed Vegas’ Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech event on July 30th at Desert Winds Coffee Roasters. He brings an international background in information technology and Cybersecurity to the dialogue.

Creating a “hacking” company was not what Lukas imagined he would do as a child. Although he always had the mindset of a hacker – curiosity, ingenuity and persistence.

Showing an interest in computing from the age of six when his father brought home their first computer, like many children, Lukas and his friends loved playing video games. Due to bankruptcy of his father’s business, while his friends continued to play new video games on more modern computers, he was stuck playing on a Pentium I. He began to explore ways to improve the performance of his old computer. Discovering Linux, he installed the software and began to learn the workings of computers and how to build networks. Before long, he was no longer interested in playing video games.

View of Prague on the Vitala River at night
Prague on the Vitava River in the Czech Republic

At fifteen he leveraged these skills and an entrepreneurial lean to create what could be considered his first IT business venture. In his home town access to the internet was prohibitively expensive for most families. Realizing his only path to the internet was for his neighbors to sign up for his plan, Lukas convinced his neighbors to split the cost of the internet connection, routed it throughout the building, creating his first LAN, and a free internet connection for himself.

He continued his path to independence leaving high school two years early and moving to Prague to pursue a career in the IT world. Within a few years he ascended through various information technology roles, from an IT tech and solution integrator to security research specialist. Throughout this experience one factor remained consistent – his observation of the carelessness present in most technology projects.

Within a short time, he met his business partner who shared this mindset. Appreciating that undisciplined approaches to information technology led to mistakes and vulnerabilities, they founded insighti. insighti was born of the idea that doing IT “right” was the best way to mitigate risk and maintain security.

As insighti began to grow in Europe, Lukas received a Green-Card to the United States. Leaving Prague for the Desert, he and his wife moved to Las Vegas and within a few years, established the US branch of insighti. Today, insighti helps companies around the world find vulnerabilities and improve their security.

Lukas, remains passionate about “hacking” and security research. He often employs his curiosity for learning by reverse engineering systems, understanding how they work, and finding new ways to use that technology or make it do something it shouldn’t!

As a supportive member of the Testbed.Vegas community we are delighted to have Lukas join the dialogue. Be sure to ask him about his Non-Profit once the formal elements of the evening are over!

Join us at Desert Wind Coffee Roasters to gain an appreciation of Information Security.


Desert Wind Coffee Roasters
7772 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117
July 30th 2019 6.30pm-8.30pm

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