What a great evening! August Event Recap

We weren’t certain how the August event would pan out. We needn’t have been concerned at all. Watching Maritza Paez, Luis Martin and Rene Morones share their thoughts on the future of industry was a fascinating insight into how the next generation feels about their opportunities, workforce and travel and hospitality in general.

Kudos must go to Tom Gehrke whose moderation on the evening was the height of professionalism. We’ve become used to a highly engaged audience at Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech, but on this particular evening it was clear to see how interested people were to hear the perspective of these young people.

The dialogue and discussion ranged across a breadth of topics from work roles, technology, the role of leadership and leading and their personal aspirations for their careers. Thanks must go to the community as the depth of interest and challenging questions kept everyone on their toes. Although the panel handled the experience with aplomb.

All in all outstanding and everyone that we spoke to thought it was an excellent evening, thanks to our experts!

It was a big crowd and we also welcomed several new members to the community from as far away as England. It was also great to see many of our past speakers in attendance with Dean Lan, Londell Triche, Michael Kurcab, Mukund Mohan and Tedd Brandes.

JAG Nevada

Helping out on the night were the team from JAG Nevada, of whom our talented panel were all prior participants in the program. They certainly did them proud. JAG Nevada is always looking to engage with the professional community in an effort to add to the experience of these young people preparing for the workforce.

They welcome involvement. Get involved in the Adopt a Leader program.

Thanks to Marcus, Ann and Tom for working with us on the August event.

Meetup Photos

Thanks go to Martin S. Fuentes for another brace of great photos from the event. Some of our favorites so far in this set. They really capture the enthusiasm of everyone on the night.

October Event

Due to a number of commitments we are taking a break in September, but will return in October for a topic very central to Las Vegas – the future of the gaming experience. We’re gathering the community together on October 29th. Las Vegas is at the center of gaming technology and we will be presenting another home grown group of experts who are deeply involved in these developments to share their observations with the community.

We look forward to seeing you at Desert Wind Coffee Roasters.

Join us there and bring along a colleague!

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Desert Wind Coffee Roasters
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