TESTBED’s Top Reading – October

October! October is Gaming Technology month in Las Vegas, but with all of the activity going on in the commercial world it was almost possible to overlook the tech news. Eldorado and the Caesars merger, Resorts World opening dates, Allegiant Stadium, Sports Betting and any number of happenings at MGM made for big news.

Aside of the gaming news a few global topics continue to capture our attention including cyber security issues in China for international companies and in hotels, MGM Resorts latest status from Jim Murren, Quantum computing, Rome2Rio sale, the rebirth of travel agents or ‘Advisors’, news about Dexter the robot and how customers value service in business.

A range of different topics with an impact in the world of travel & hospitality technology. Enjoy!

China Cybersecurity regulations seek access to international company tech environments

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Approaching changes to China’s cyber security regulations are set to have a broad impact on international companies conducting business in the country. New regulations will require China based operations to provide the government regulator access to corporate infrastructure and systems. The South China Morning Post examines business sentiment in reaction to the coming regulations.

What’s going on at MGM?

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It’s been an eventful year at MGM Resorts with major restructuring, storied names moving on from the company, expansion plans, the outcome of the Route 91 tragedy, and now the sale of marquis properties in the company portfolio.

This article from the Nevada Independent examines the current state of the nation in this dialogue with MGM Resorts CEO, Jim Murren.

Going Quantum!

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Quantum computing is coming….soon. Although not as soon as we might have thought. This article from the World Economic Forum examines the current status of Quantum Computing and how close or far we are from seeing broad adoption and availability of the next generation of computing power.

Getting from A to B

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One of our favorite travel applications/sites is Rome2Rio. If you’ve never used it, Rome2 Rio can show you how to get from anywhere on the planet to anywhere else on the planet and all the various methods and options that are available through one simple search. It’s incredible and really interesting at the same time. Check it out here. Throw a couple of obscure locations at the search and see what you can find. See you in half an hour!

The Melbourne company just sold to German competitor Omio. Hopefully it’s not the end of Rome2Rio through the transaction as it’s a valuable asset to the traveler for planning.

Is my data safe at your hotel?

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What is hotel guests impression of the efforts their accommodation and food and beverage providers are making toward securing their data? This is a top concern for the traveler. It’s also an area where the guest lacks faith that our industry is making genuine efforts to ensure their protection and security of their information.

Hotel Management examines a recent survey of the traveler and their view of hotel and restaurant network security.

These are some of the reasons we formed higuard.io with Insighti. Clearly industry needs to take action.

The Travel Advisor – Service is coming back

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We agree that the opportunity to book and arrange your own travel is a wonderful freedom. Although through experience travelers have come to appreciate just how much time is spent on making travel arrangements.

The Travel Agent – now the Travel Advisor is returning as a valuable part of the travel experience. Not everyone is travel savvy and not everyone is well traveled. At the end of the day people find a comfort in other people helping them with their travel arrangements – one of today’s most valued life experiences across generations.

Dexter doing great things

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Kent Gilson and Dexter

One of our favorite Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech events was on the topic of Robots. We were thrilled to have homegrown Las Vegas based company, Haddington Dynamics and Dexter the robot arm as part of the discussion. Here’s a great article about Dexter from the perspective of Hackster. We’re fans!

The difference between the best & the rest – Service, according to the customer

Testbed Vegas are huge fans of the service experience in our industry. We’ve long believed it’s the difference between great and the rest. The human aspect of our industry.

In this interview Don Johnson, CEO of Enjoy Technology exposes his findings on the importance of service to the customer through his journey with Target and Apple and how this was used to create world class experiences.

This interview is definitely worthy of your time and you will take away valuable insight for your business. Thanks to Andre Baljeu at techtalk.travel for the share.

Are you not slightly more educated after this months read?! We hope so. Until next month.