HTHP reconvenes for the CES 2020 Dinner on January 9th

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and 2020 are only two weeks away.

A new decade and as the first major technology event on the calendar we can be certain that many of the technology concepts and products that CES exposes us to at the beginning of the decade will be entrenched by the end of it.

On the sideline of CES, Hospitality Technology Hacks & Pundits (HTHP) gathers the hospitality technology, media and operator crowd from Las Vegas along with our industry friends and colleagues travelling to Las Vegas for the first social engagement of 2020. The HTHP CES 2020 Dinner.

The great thing about CES being an across industry trade show – it creates the opportunity to connect with your industry peers. Discuss the year ahead, and the technology you see at CES that will make a difference to our industry in the years to come.

Hospitality Technology Hacks & Pundits includes professionals from industry media, education, non-profits, consulting, technology solution providers, students and technology leaders from the gaming, travel, hospitality and entertainment industries. Organisations attending past events include, Amadeus, MGM Resorts, Bonotel Exclusive Travel, Interel, Evotek, Hospitality Upgrade, Clairvoyix, TRAVHOTECH, HFTP, Aria of Las Vegas, SkyWire, Shift4, Cannabis365, Infor, Yin Hospitality, JAG Nevada, UNLV, Insighti , Equilibrium Audio, Oracle Hospitality, Caesars Entertainment, Aristocrat, Shijigroup and E Horner & Associates.

If you are coming to Las Vegas for CES be sure you join Hospitality Technology Hacks & Pundits for what has traditionally proven over the last 8 years to be an eventful evening.

More details to follow on the event arrangements.


Hospitality Technology Hacks & Pundits CES 2020 Dinner
Venue to be announced
January 9th, 2020, 7.00pm-10.30pm

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