October Meetup Recap 10/17, Desert Wind Coffee Roasters

Thanks, everyone for joining us on the 17th! Thanks once again to our hosts Desert Wind Coffee Roasters & Adrian! Thanks to Marina from Travel Tech Con & Winding Tree, Ian C. from Travel Massive and Pedro from Winding Tree Further Reading The white paper from Winding Tree covers the basics of the problem & proposed way blockchain can solve it. Connect Travel Massive — Las Vegas Chapter…
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October Meetup: Blockchain in Hospitality

Would you like to learn more about blockchain technology in Hospitality? Our special guest speaker at the meetup is Pedro Anderson, one of the founders of Winding Tree – a decentralized travel distribution platform. Most recent news from Winding Tree team – AirFrance KLM is partnering with Winding Tree to strengthen innovation in the travel industry using blockchain technology. This…
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A View from the Testbed — Traveling for Weed

Cannabis Tourism is a thing. It’s been one year since Nevada opened up the market for both medical and recreational Marijuana product and the impact in such a short amount of time has been remarkable. Growing warehouse facilities Look at the Numbers! $305 Million in sales to date. Just short of $50 Million to date in tax…
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A View from the Testbed — All points North, talking to myself and the extras!

It’s been a very full couple of weeks, and I thought I would recall some of the more recent happenings that caught my attention. Talking to myself LinkedIn made that sound that you hear when someone sends you a message. Who could it be? David Berger, my friend from Volara. A nice surprise to hear from…
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September Meetup Recap 09/26, Desert Wind Coffee Roasters

September Meetup Recap 09/26 Desert Wind Coffee Roasters Thanks, everyone for joining us on the 26th! Shout out to Adrian and our hosts  Desert Wind Coffee Roasters – Thanks! Thanks to Conner Torres from Dotware Games for sharing some insights into Software Entertainment and what it means for the future of the Entertainment business around the world and in Las Vegas.…
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A View from the Testbed — Tours & Activities Tech

Yesterday, Cheyne Cole and I discussed the swiftly emerging space of tours and activities. Recently at Travel Tech Con in San Francisco much dialogue was devoted to the technical emergence of the tours and activities space from a booking, transaction and planning perspective for both operators and travelers. This part of the travel world remains…
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A View From The Testbed — Reflecting on HITEC Houston 2018

It’s the end of four hectic weeks at Testbed.Vegas and Cheyne and I are back in Las Vegas focusing on the next events for the community in July. Time always offers great perspective and since there’s been a little that has passed since being in HFTP HITEC Houston now is the time to reflect.

Five takeaways from HITECtx

Five takeaways from HITECtx It was a big week in Houston, my voice has returned to normal. Mark & I are sorting through a stack of business cards and mulling over some of the things we saw. 1. Communications platforms did really well at e20X We got to spend some time walking the trade show hall with Chris &…
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Travel Tech Con 18: Five things we learned

So, we got back from an awesome few days at Travel Tech Con 18 and now that the after party is fading, Mark Fancourt and I sat down to discuss travel technology and our takeaways from the event. 1. Plenty of buzz for Unboundly In beta, the crew from Unboundly pitched on day 1. Plenty of attendees were talking…
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