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Matt Koetting – Chief Executive, Invictus International, joins The (Nevada) State of Cannabis & Technology panel

Matt and his partners founded Invictus International in 2016 aligning their company services with the startup of the Cannabis Industry in Nevada, providing security solutions to small, medium and enterprise-level clients.

Announcing Testbed.Vegas’ next guest for The (Nevada) State of Cannabis & Technology event

Our next guest joining the panel of speakers for the January Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech event is from the scientific community supporting the Cannabis industry in Nevada.

Jeff Kiehn – CEO of 365 Cannabis joins the Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech panel for January

Jeff joins the January Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech event bringing his expertise to the topic of The (Nevada) State of Cannabis & Technology at Desert Winds Coffee Roasters on the Wednesday the 30th. Jeff Kiehn, has been a Software executive for over 25 years in multiple industry verticals. A Las Vegas resident, Jeff is…
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A View from the Testbed — Traveling for Weed

Cannabis Tourism is a thing. It’s been one year since Nevada opened up the market for both medical and recreational Marijuana product and the impact in such a short amount of time has been remarkable. Growing warehouse facilities Look at the Numbers! $305 Million in sales to date. Just short of $50 Million to date in tax…
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