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Would you like tech with that? The next generation of F&B technology.

Testbed Vegas discusses F&B technology at Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech in March. Not quite on account of a certain virus. Now July 28th. Fingers crossed!

Opportunity squandered. Las Vegas faces the harsh reality of limited industry diversity – again.

Testbed Vegas examines industry diversity in Southern Nevada and diversification in hospitality technology.

Pineapple Follies at the Vegas HTHP CES 2020 Dinner

Testbed Vegas reconvened the Hospitality Technology Hacks & Pundits for the CES 2020 Dinner in Las Vegas on January 9th.

HTHP reconvenes for the CES 2020 Dinner on January 9th

Join the Hospitality technology crowd in Las Vegas for the annual HTHP CES Dinner in Las Vegas

Aristocrat’s Gavin McPhail discusses the gaming experience at Testbed Vegas

30 year Gaming veteran Gavin McPhail talks the future gaming experience at Testbed Vegas.

The next generation of industry professionals share their thoughts at Testbed Vegas in August

Young industry professionals share their views at August VTH Tech.

Testbed Vegas explores the future of work at the May event.

Already the pace of technology is having an impact on working lives, making us more powerful, providing greater freedom to be productive and not so heavily tied to the office or even the desk. Although that same technology is also rapidly developing to make the reality of today’s tasks potentially unnecessary in the future.

A View from the Testbed — Travel & Hospitality Tech making a home in Nevada

As a travel market Nevada is extraordinary in respect of the scale and focus on the industry. There are many large travel destinations around the world. Although most do not boast the breadth of travel experiences combined with the level of economic impact in a condensed location. Travel in the state comprises airlines, rental transportation,…
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eHotelier’s Stefan Thomascheutz joins the Virtual Reality dialogue at Testbed.Vegas’ March event.

Stefan Thomaschuetz joins the discussion on Virtual Reality technology at the March event on the 26th of March in Las Vegas. The topic for the evening is Virtual Reality. What’s the Reality? A Hands On 360 Experience. Stefan’s career spans a broad range of the hospitality and retail sector. He is currently the Director of Business Development for eHotelier, charged with growing the company field of operations internationally.

TESTBED’s Top Reading – January 2019

A selection of thoughtful articles Testbed.Vegas read in January