TESTBED’s Top Reading – January 2019

Author: Mark Fancourt

It’s a new year and we start with a new focus and plans of growth for Testbed.Vegas. As we start the New Year, Davos and the World Economic Forum kicks off big picture thinking about the overall status, challenges and opportunities for the future of ourselves and our planet.

Technology sits in a central position to have major impact on the future of the planet, business, the workforce and quality of life. Here’s a list of pieces that we’ve been reviewing as we consider the future of the Travel and Hospitality industries.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft discusses the future of data privacy and information sharing and the future

Satya Nadella at Davos

Satya Nadella has reinvented Microsoft since he moved into his role in 2014, and this interview at Davos is a demonstration that beyond the core role of building a solid business he has clear view of ethical management of information and personal data in the future.

Refreshing to hear such a perspective and well worth the 30 minutes of viewing.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Hospitality Startup Environment

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a term coined to encapsulate the anticipated change from next generational technology categorized by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Robotics. Testbed.Vegas recently made a contribution to Xenia Hospitality Advisors whitepaper on the topic and the environment for technology startups and innovation in the hospitality sector.

Read more on the topic here.

Data is the New Oil

We’ve all heard the term ‘Information is Power’. In the rise of the information age the exponential growth of global pools of information have brought about the outcome that data is of significant financial value. The Economist examines the reality of the power of the worlds major information companies and platforms, and questions the future of these organisations stranglehold on information.

Compelling reading regardless of industry.

It’s Smart to Build Smart

Testbed.Vegas and TRAVHOTECH are proponents of smart buildings and environmentally sound construction processes and technology. Direct experience delivering these technologies into industry provides us with a depth of awareness of the environmental and commercial impact such technologies can have on industry operation and financial efficiency.

Seeking Alpha conducted a thorough review of the state of building technology and predicts that the Hospitality sector will drive the transition to smart buildings. We hope so too. It’s a Desert out there!

Next month we will be addressing the subject at Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech Meetup on the 26th of February.

Just outside your comfort zone?

Eddystone Rock, Tasmania

We were inspired by this production promoting the travel destination of the Western coast of Tasmania. Where’s Tasmania you ask? The little island at the bottom of Australia heading in the general direction of Antarctica.

Appreciate the natural beauty of our planet in this video.