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Patrick Flautt brings his extensive VR tech background to Testbed.Vegas in March

Patrick Flautt, Director of EXP360 for North America has a recent career in the Virtual Reality tech industry with product leader, Oculus. He brings his direct experience in enterprise VR to the discussion on “Virtual Reality. What’s the Reality? A Hands On 360 Experience.”, on the 26th of March in Las Vegas.

TESTBED.VEGAS tackles Virtual Reality in March event.

The popular view is that Virtual Reality will change the way customers experience travel. But will it? Testbed.Vegas’ Vegas Travel and Hospitality Tech event for March is, ‘Virtual Reality. What’s the Reality? A Hands On 360 Experience.’ Is Virtual Reality as a technology ready for prime time? If it is ready, how can it be effectively used? For the traveler? For staff? What are the possibilities?