Patrick Flautt brings his extensive VR tech background to Testbed.Vegas in March

Patrick Flautt, Director of EXP360 for North America has a recent career in the Virtual Reality tech industry with product leader, Oculus. He brings his direct experience in enterprise VR to the discussion on “Virtual Reality. What’s the Reality? A Hands On 360 Experience.”, on the 26th of March in Las Vegas.

Since 2004, Patrick has been starting technology and software-related businesses reflecting the needs and demands of the market.

Throughout his career, Patrick has crossed a number of domains in the technology space. Working with large tech at Oculus, bringing technology products to market through his own company, Garlic Press Technologies and consulting to Bay area technology startups in recruitment and training capacities.

He counts his most successful enterprise in startup technology to date being GPT, a fast-moving LLC making custom mobile software for Android phones.

In 2016 he took a position at Oculus VR and played a pivotal role in forming the company Development Support department. During his time at Oculus, Patrick internally advocated for and demonstrated to the company the value of, and the considerable growing interest from developers wanting to use Oculus products in enterprise use cases.

Oculus Rift

Timing with a large company reorganization at Oculus in late 2018 that saw the company officially recognize enterprise use cases with a new division focused solely on it; Patrick took advantage of an opportunity to open the North American division of EXP360, an enterprise training solution for VR.

Patrick received a BA in Business Management Economics from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2008. He also volunteers his time to the City of Gilroy working on a community panel overseeing the cities Bike path infrastructure. He is looking forward to launching the EXP360’s new ventures in the USA and bases himself in the Bay area in the City of Gilroy.

Testbed.Vegas is delighted to have Patrick join the panel. Having worked through the formative years of bringing Virtual Reality from a concept to a working platform will provide an interesting history and perspective to the evening.

Join us at Desert Wind Coffee Roasters for a real-life VR experience.


Desert Wind Coffee Roasters
7772 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117
March 26th 2019 6.30pm-8.30pm

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