Testbed Vegas talks Hospitality technology with Techtalk.Travel in Cologne, Germany.

On Testbed Vegas’ recent European tour we visited Cologne. The city of Cologne is 2000 years old and is the home base of Andre Baljeu’s Techtalk.Travel.

During the visit to Cologne Cheyne Cole and Mark Fancourt had the opportunity to sit down with Andre and his colleague Daniel Zelling of Opensmjle to talk about the state of the technology in the Hospitality industry.

Part 1

Techtalk.Travel is a modern industry information and education platform with a unique Video format that is focused on bringing to life conversations with industry leaders. TTT meets with operational, technology, consulting and vendor communities to discuss the future of technology for the industry and provide a transparent and unbiased ‘for industry by industry’ opportunity for company’s to share their technological journey and business motivations as well as insights on hospitality technology.

Part 2

In it’s first year TTT interviewed a host of noted industry players including MEWS, Cloudbeds, Highgate Ventures, Trivago, AirBNB, HEDNA, Snapshot and Apaleo to name a few.

Testbed Vegas are supporters and fans of the Techtalk.Travel format as well as their mission and were pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the TTT format.

Testbed.Vegas sat down for a two part discussion on the state of the technology industry in hospitality.

Part 1 – TTT | Cheyne Cole & Mark Fancourt | TRAVHOTECH & Testbed.Vegas

Part 2 – TTT | Cheyne Cole & Mark Fancourt | TRAVHOTECH & Testbed.Vegas


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