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Testbed Vegas talks Hospitality technology with Techtalk.Travel in Cologne, Germany.

Cheyne Cole & Mark Fancourt from Testbed Vegas sit down with Techtalk Travel’s Andre Baljeu and Daniel Zelling to discuss hospitality technology in Cologne, Germany.

April Meetup Recap, 04/30 Desert Wind Coffee Roasters

Thanks everyone for coming to our April event on Robots in Travel & Hospitality. Our Event Meetup Photos Thanks again to the amazing Martin S. Fuentes for the great photography! Connect with Us Travel Massive — Las Vegas Chapterhttps://travelmassive.com/chapters/las-vegasLinkedinhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/testbed-vegas/ Thanks to our sponsors

UNLV’s Beth Wi discusses Robots in Travel at April Testbed Vegas event.

UNLV’s Beth Wi discusses Robots in Travel at April Testbed Vegas event. Beyond being a presenter on the topic at TEDx and KNPR, Beth, as a student and MBA Candidate (among other awards) of UNLV’s leading hospitality program has conducted her research specifically on the impact of Robots in the Hospitality industry.

Thomas Pfitzer of EXP360 to discuss Virtual Reality at TESTBED.VEGAS March event.

Thomas Pfitzer, CEO of EXP360 brings an extensive industry background to the discussion on “Virtual Reality. What’s the Reality? A Hands On 360 Experience.”, on the 26th of March in Las Vegas. Late in 2016 he founded EXP360 in Germany. Since that time the company has been growing EXP360 to become a key provider of standardized Virtual Reality solutions across various industries. Their focus is on making Virtual Reality technology commercially successful providing ease and speed of use Produce-Upload-Playout platform for production of Recruiting, Training, Sales and Marketing and Documentation content leveraging VR technology.

TESTBED.VEGAS tackles Virtual Reality in March event.

The popular view is that Virtual Reality will change the way customers experience travel. But will it? Testbed.Vegas’ Vegas Travel and Hospitality Tech event for March is, ‘Virtual Reality. What’s the Reality? A Hands On 360 Experience.’ Is Virtual Reality as a technology ready for prime time? If it is ready, how can it be effectively used? For the traveler? For staff? What are the possibilities?

Las Vegas veteran, Tedd Brandes joins the ‘Smart Hotels’ panel for Testbed.Vegas’ February event.

Tedd Brandes has committed a career to building technology in the Las Vegas Valley. During his career he has experienced many of the major technology shifts that have taken place leading to today’s cutting edge ‘Digital Ceiling’ technologies and Internet of Things environments. He joins the panel for Testbed.Vegas’ If you are going to build it, built is Smart. Smart Hotels, event on February 26th.

Michael Kurcab, President of Equilibrium Audio brings his expertise to Testbed.Vegas’ February event.

Michael Kurcab of Equilibrium Audio joins Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech event – If you are going to build it, build it Smart. Smart Hotels.

February Meetup Announcement: If you are going to build it, build it Smart! Smart Hotels

Ever wondered what goes in to making a hotel building smart? Wondered what’s involved in making the WiFi work? How the lights function? Why the temperature automatically adjusts? Why the music sounds just right? Hotels are highly technical environments aimed at improving the guest experience as well as making the building process more economical, manageable…
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The (Nevada) State of Cannabis & Technology: January Meetup

Next Meetup: January 30 from 6.30pm @Desert Winds Coffee Roasters Recreational Cannabis Sales and Cannabis Tourism is a new industry in Las Vegas. There have been growing pains and the role of technology for the industry will have a major part to play. Join us on January 30th where we have a panel of guests…
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November Meetup Recap, 11/28 Desert Wind Coffee Roasters

Thanks to everyone for joining us on the 28th for our 7th Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech MeetupIt’s with people like yourselves that our community continues to grow. Once again, to our hosts, Desert Wind Coffee Roasters & Adrian – Thanks for the use of the shop and for providing the best coffee in Las Vegas…
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