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Las Vegas veteran, Tedd Brandes joins the ‘Smart Hotels’ panel for Testbed.Vegas’ February event.

Tedd Brandes has committed a career to building technology in the Las Vegas Valley. During his career he has experienced many of the major technology shifts that have taken place leading to today’s cutting edge ‘Digital Ceiling’ technologies and Internet of Things environments. He joins the panel for Testbed.Vegas’ If you are going to build it, built is Smart. Smart Hotels, event on February 26th.

Testbed.Vegas welcomes Jeff Johns from INTEREL to the ‘Smart Hotels’ February event.

Jeff Johns, Senior Vice President Americas from INTEREL brings his extensive industry background to the discussion at “If you are going to build it, build it Smart. Smart Hotels on the 26th of February in Las Vegas. Jeff is a veteran of the smart hotel technology environment. Throughout his career he has worked with several of the organisations that have lead the charge toward the connected guestroom experience.

Michael Kurcab, President of Equilibrium Audio brings his expertise to Testbed.Vegas’ February event.

Michael Kurcab of Equilibrium Audio joins Vegas Travel & Hospitality Tech event – If you are going to build it, build it Smart. Smart Hotels.